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Elizabeth Sautter, M.A., CCC-SLP

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build emotional awareness and intelligence so that feelings aren’t so overwhelming.
strengthen social communication to help navigate social situations and relationships.
boost executive functioning and academic performance to meet each individuals life goals.

Hi! I’m Elizabeth Sautter, M.A., CCC

Speech and Language Pathologist

I have worked with preschool to adult clients and their families since 1996 in private practice, schools, and hospitals. Following my professional passion, I have specialized in social communication, self-regulation, and executive functioning intervention as a therapist/coach, author, blogger, trainer and co-director/founder of Communication Works.
On a more personal note, I help my family, both immediate and extended, navigate the world of special needs which makes my work not just a profession, but a lifelong endeavor.
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Elizabeth Sautter’s particular genius lies in her ability to teach the nuts-and-bolts of social behaviors that can lead to success across all settings: home, school, and work. Her methods provide practical help as her young clients become adolescents and then adults. Her commitment to her clients fuels her creative approach and galvanizes ongoing positive change. As a parent of young autistic adult with whom she works, I remain a true fan and am grateful for her guidance.


Amy Kossow

Parent Advocate

Amy Kossow

Parent Advocate

Elizabeth pours 200% into her relationships. We started out as clients and have become treasured friends. She truly acts from the heart and is so intentional about her work; it is so clear that she is carrying out her passion. She has had a tremendous influence on my family and my children adore her! Not only is she genuine but she’s wicked smart, is a forever learner, and is super fun! We feel most blessed to have Elizabeth in our lives.

Sarah -  Mom of Three


Sarah -  Mom of Three


As the parent of a child who has difficulty navigating the world of unspoken social rules, I am delighted to have such a user-friendly tool.

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