Help your child (and you) become calm, confident and connected!


A guide for busy parents to help your child with:

  • Listening, communication, and relationship skills to build meaningful connections
  • Navigating transitions, boundaries and trying new things
  • Awareness and identification of sensations and emotions and develop strategies for regulation 
  • Developing tools for attention, planning, organizing, and other executive functioning skills to help your child meet their goals
  • Building resilience, problem-solving skills so that they can thrive  

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Your child is great! 

You are a great parent!

And there is no guidebook to help you connect deeply with your child so that you can have a true influence on their development of critical social-emotional skills such as understanding and figuring out their internal sensations, emotions, and thoughts or how to feel comfortable and navigate daily social situations. Traditional parenting books don’t address the root causes or provide suggestions that help with your child’s needs—or yours.

The good news is that there is a lot you can do without adding on more to your busy life!

Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick: Practical activities to help your child manage emotions, navigate social situations & reduce anxiety, the book, provides simple and fun activities to add right into your daily life. There is no fuss or stress when you get the tools you need to use during everyday activities to help your child grow and be happy.

All you need is yourself, your child, and your daily routines and interactions.


This book has over 200 activities and suggestions that you can do with your child to...

Build awareness of and navigate their social world 

Be mindful and connect with you and others in meaningful ways

Understand and identify emotions in themselves and others

Focus on their strengths and interests to build confidence and have fun!

What People Are Saying

Elizabeth has taken Make Social Learning Stick to the next level. This book is a guide for parents, teachers, and therapists who work with and care about children, providing key and effective strategies for building essential skills for life. Packed with even more information and strategies for helping kids learn the critical and foundational life skills of communication, self-regulation, compassion, and awareness ~ Dan Peters



Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick! is full of immediate, accessible ways for parents, professionals who work with children, and educators to cultivate kids’ abilities to regulate emotions, have insight and empathy, provide attuned communication, make sound decisions, and more. 


Since these skills emerge as the prefrontal cortex develops, and because this part of the brain is so plastic during childhood and adolescence, the strategies in this book provide easy ways to give the kinds of repeated experiences that build skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives. Elizabeth Sautter not only gifts us with numerous practical ideas to help kids, she’s also helps caregivers’ brains develop the lens of using everyday moments as opportunities to intentionally nurture a child’s development. ~ Tina Payne Bryson



Elizabeth Sautter's approach is music to any parent's ears. In the second edition of "Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick," parents are reminded to start with wisdom, intentionality, and self-care. And by keeping strategies simple, this practical gem guides you to build confidence for the whole family and reconnect to the joy of parenting. ~ Elaine Taylor-Klaus



This book offers so many ideas that families can use to create teachable moments in everyday life. It's the perfect way to reinforce and practice essential social-emotional skills! ~ Janine Halloran



Make Social and Emotional Learning Stick! will be welcomed by parents and teachers alike! In easy-to-understand language, Elizabeth Sautter provides over 200 activities that support social and emotional development during daily routines and across various settings, from home to school to community. Readers learn to take advantage of the many natural teaching moments that pop up every day to encourage a child's social-emotional learning. ~ Michelle Garcia Winner



What People Are Saying

This book is great! When I read it, I am aware of how many unspoken rules our society has. So often we don't tell kids the things we want them to know and then are disappointed when situations turn ugly. With the help of Make Social Learning Stick and a little prep time things go much more smoothly.

The activities in this book really are recipes for social and emotional learning. 10 pages into the book I already had taken a page's worth of notes and found activities that I can incorporate in my daughter's daily routine. I liked how each activity in the book was explained with an example and what the purpose of each activity was. Hoping by chance that a second book will be released with even more activities. Will make my life as a parent that much easier!

WOW! There are so many great things to say about this book and the author! Before I found this book, I really struggled with finding the time and ways to incorporate social development activities into our busy schedules! This book offers tons and tons of amazing and creative activities that can be easily incorporated into countless situations and events. I had no idea how many teaching opportunities I was passing up on until I read this book! This guide offers activities that range from daily routines such as "getting ready for school" and "playing with peers and siblings" to specific holidays and special events like "birthdays," "dinner parties," and "Halloween." This book taught me how to take advantage of every situation and gave me a new perspective that allows me to see the teachable moments in every moment. The Hidden Rules on each page supplement these activities perfectly, highlighting the unspoken expectations (as well as what is not expected) in each situation.

MAKE SOCIAL AND EMOTIONAL LEARNING STICK! is broken down into THREE SECTIONS for easy organization:

Introduction with an overview of what is involved with social and emotional learning and the W.I.S.E model for a pathway to help you on your parenting journey.

OVER 200 activities to use in your daily environments:

  • Home
  • Community
  • Holidays and special events
  • Bridging home and school

The last section provides 15 research-based learning strategies to help you take advantage of the daily interactions you have with your child to practice skills in real time such as:

  • Understanding your child's sensitivities 
  • How to incorporate mindfulness
  • How to model and prime your child for success 
  • Teaching hidden social cues
  • Understanding the thinking behind the skills

Take a peek inside the color version of Make Social & Emotional Learning Stick.  Black and white also available on Amazon (link above).


Who is this book & resource for?

Parents raising children who struggle to manage emotions, understand social cues and/or achieve goals. This book provides support with a clear model to lean on and practical strategies that give certainty and inspiration to jump in and help their child thrive.

Grandparents looking for quick and easy resources, tools, and knowledge to set up their grandchild and themselves up for success.

Nannies, babysitters, caregivers, mentors, and coaches who care for children and want clarity and understanding of kids who are differently wired. This book provides information on what to do to help them focus, listen, engage, and connect.

Teachers, therapists, school administrators, and other busy educators who need easy resources and simple ways to build social, emotional, and executive functioning skills that support the whole child and family.

Anyone who cares about children who are anxious, struggle to regulate emotions and wants to support them in building emotional intelligence and increasing social awareness and problem-solving skills.  This book provides simple and fun ways for busy and overwhelmed adults to feel more confident to jump in and help the children you care about to meet their full potential.

About The Author

Elizabeth Sautter is a Speech and Language Pathologist, author, blogger and presentor specializing in social and emotional learning for preschoolers to adults and their families since 1996. She is the founder of Make Social Learning Stick which provides consultation, training and resources to help children, teens and their families build skills and practical tools for social, emotional and executive functioning skills. 

She is also the co-owner of Communication Works ( which provides speech therapy to schools in CA. She has completed a mentorship and internship with Michelle Garcia Winner, Stephanie Madrigal, and Pamela Crooke, and has co-authored two popular children's books about whole body listening, Whole Body Listening Larry at Home and Whole Body Listening Larry at School. Elizabeth is also a Zones of Regulation collaborative trainer. 

On a personal note, she has two teenage sons, a sister and cousin all with additional needs related to social communication, self-regulation and executive functioning challenges which makes her work not just a career, but a life endeavor.


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