Help Your Child Manage Anxiety & Strengthen Their Social Skills

Kids can learn to find calm, empathize, and connect,
if you show them how

 Is your child overwhelmed by anxiety or frustration?

Do they have trouble connecting with others?


This 30 day calendar will help you teach your child to manage their emotions, connect with others, and build awareness of themselves and others.

Get simple to use, daily activities that will help your child:

  • Expand their social skills to increase family & friend connections
  • Build awareness of their feelings & how to manage them
  • Improve listening skills and the ability to pay attention
  • Boost confidence and reduce anxiety
Yes, I want my calendar!

Our 30-day daily activity calendar will show you:

How to connect with your child to foster a strong relationship

Ideas for modeling empathy and kindness

Practical mindfulness, movement, and regulation activities

Ways to foster more fun, joy, and ease during your everyday routine

Bond with your child by
listening without judgement,
brainstorming together,
sharing a mistake you learned from,
and so much more.

Yes, I want my calendar!