January 24th, 2021 

Zones of Regulation 9AM to 12PM

January 27thth, 2021 

Zones of Regulation 5pm to 8pm

February 7th, 2022 

Zones of Regulation 9AM to 12PM

February 15th, 2022

Make It Stick Talk CW Acceptance & Compassion 9AM to 12PM

February 18th, 2022 

Zones of Regulation 11:30AM to 2:30PM

March 31st, 2022

Parent Workshop-Alaska Autism Resource Center 



Presentation and Workshop Topics

The following workshops for parents and professionals are available as requested. Presentations times and content can be adjusted to meet the needs of your group, from 1.5 hrs to 6 hrs (full day). All presentations provide practical tools and strategies that participants can use immediately in their natural environments, including home, school, and community.   



Make Social Learning Stick: Practical Tools to Build Social Regulation

Social Regulation defined by Kuypers and Sautter in  2011 is the ability to adjust one’s level of alertness and to modify how emotions and behaviors are revealed in order to meet social goals.  Our world is filled with complicated social situations that can be sticky to navigate—both emotionally and socially.  It’s important to realize that within these situations, regulating emotions/behaviors and managing social communication go hand in hand. Understanding this connection helps to broaden the lens, look at the whole child, and focus on working as a team to determine the practical applications that work for each child.

This presentation will offer insights and examples of the “glue” that makes social learning stick. It’s geared toward parents/caregivers, educators, and other professionals working with students who have social cognitive, executive functioning, communication and emotional regulation challenges.  An overview of the components of social regulation, explanation of what various challenges look like, and commonly used curricula/frameworks will be provided. The majority of the presentation will focus on practical tools, concepts, and suggestions that can easily be used the next day to support social regulation at home, school, work, and in the community. Participants will learn to embrace teachable moments using new strategies as well existing ones in order to create a “social learning diet” for success. 

Collaborating with Caregivers to Make Social Learning Stick!

Supporting a child’s social and emotional learning is essential and is gaining much- needed attention and momentum in school and therapy settings. A critical piece of this support is involving and educating parents and caregivers. They are on the front lines at home and in the community and need knowledge and tools to provide children with the coaching, guidance, and practice that make social/emotional learning “stick.” This talk will provide an overview of social regulation, discuss teaching strategies to use at home, and offer practical, easy suggestions to give parents on how to take advantage of natural routines, embrace teachable moments, and act as a coach to strengthen their child’s social regulation.


For Parents and Caregivers:

Make Social Learning Stick!  How to Guide and Nurture Social Competence Through Everyday Routines and Activities

Learning social skills at school is important, but parents or other caretakers must work hand in hand with their children, outside of school or therapy, to help make the skills “stick.”  This workshop offers:

  • An overview of Social Regulation (i.e., managing emotions in social situations)
  • Practical learning strategies for skill development and reinforcement
  • Ideas for turning everyday situations and activities into teachable moments that support social/emotional growth (e.g., getting ready for school, dinnertime, car rides)

This presentation is based on tools and strategies from Elizabeth’s new book Make Social Learning Stick! which includes close to 200 fun and easy activities.  This book contains contributions from leading experts in social learning, including Leah Kuypers, Sarah Ward, and Michelle Garcia Winner, to create a “social learning diet” and recipe for success.

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