Free Online Parenting Training to learn...

3 ways to parent a sensitive, reactive, or anxious child… and still feel good at the end of the day.

FREE Parent Training

to learn...

3 ways to parent

a sensitive, reactive, or anxious child…


and still feel good at the end of the day.

Our approach to parenting gives you
support and tools to manage any
frustration and overwhelm
that arises during difficult moments.

No more outbursts. 

No more anxiety or fear. 

No more wondering what to do.

Because you are already a great parent
(we just need to help you see the truth of that!)


You’ll feel relief about your parenting right away…

“My biggest challenge is supporting my child
whose emotions can be a roller coaster.
He can get very upset which makes me upset
and then I lose my patience and yell
or do something to make it worse

and we both feel awful.”


Raising a child has never been simple,
and it is not exactly getting easier. 

Being a parent means you’re handling a lot. Pile on meltdowns, trouble with transitions, knee jerk reactions, anxiety and other sensitivities your child may have, and it can feel like it’s just too much.

Plus, you’re inundated with work, school, media, and all kinds of about feeling overwhelmed!

You’re trying everything you know...
but nothing’s changing.

You try seeing only the good in your child; to balance the nurture with the boundary setting, and support them to appropriately express their feelings. But all that you receive is resistance and impulsive behaviors that don’t stop.

You feel the heartbreak of watching their anxiety prevent them from trying new things or break down in transitions or avoid social connections.

here is something you can do...


and it’s way easier than you think!


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I absolutely love the Make it Stick parenting philosophy. My son has lots of sensory and emotional needs and I found myself getting easily frustrated and felt like I should know how to respond because I work in education. I realized that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself and when I have more self compassion and patience, I can take a step back and see that it’s a process and I can lean on the model provided in the course to guide me. There is not a “quick fix” and “not one strategy.” It’s a combination...and having a pathway by trusted experts is so helpful."


Now, you might be thinking to yourself

“Uh, who is ‘we,’ exactly?”

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Sautter, and for more than 20 years, I’ve been helping children find their voices, both figuratively and literally. Since 1996 I’ve been many things: a speech and language pathologist/social cognitive specialist/coach, the Co-founder of Communication Works, author of the book Make Social Learning Stick… but my most fulfilling role has been as a mother. Before I had children, I thought that my personal and professional experience was going to equip me with all the tools and strategies needed to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted children.

But, what I discovered was that when things got more tricky, the tools stopped working. My boys were pushing me away. It wasn’t until I took some time to reflect, and started practicing mindfulness that I began to understand the need for a stronger foundation for implementing the strategies I knew could work. I realized that I was coming from a place of fear and control and when I practice mindfulness and self compassion, I can approach parenting with intentionality, which in turn MAKES THE strategies STICK! I needed to bring together the knowledge that I had with that underlying philosophy.


Hi, I’m Dr. Rebecca Branstetter. When I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2004 I was lucky enough to already know what I wanted to do next. See, I’ve always been passionate about helping children, especially those with additional needs. And I’ve learned that in stressful times, a child will be protected if they are connected. So, to connect with as many students as I could, I became a school psychologist. 16 years later, I’m an author, teacher, and the founder of the Thriving School Psychologist Collective™, a training course and support system that enables hundreds of school psychologists across the country to serve thousands of families. 

I’ve made it my special mission to help thousands of additional needs and special needs families navigate the obstacles of emotional and behavioral learnings, equipping them with practical strategies that actually work

We’re not just friends (but we’re that, too).

Being able to geek out together about science, data, and our real-life experiences as parents has been transformational for both of us … as therapists, and as moms. Now, we’re elated to share what our research shows is effective, and how you can model it to your children to build their self-regulation, social communication, and executive functioning skills. 

We know this program can help you, and we are so pleased you’re here to learn about it.

Envision a day where...

  • You wake up rested, feeling confident with a plan for the day, and saying “I got this!”
  • You feel empathy for your child and don't get caught up in blame or shame for them, or yourself when something unexpected occurs.
  • You see your child’s big emotions, hyperactivity, or awkwardness as a superpower and it boosts their confidence.
  • If your child gets upset, and you know exactly what to say or do. Not only to help them be calm, but make you more connected.
  • Your child wakes up and prepares themselves for the day, does their chores and participates in family activities without nagging or negotiating.
  • You and your child mindfully pause before reacting, so you can enjoy each moment and the journey together.
  • Your child grasps concepts such as “listening” and “showing respect.”
  • Your child works independently on their schoolwork and with play.
  • You get the focus time you need.
  • You go to bed at night, feeling supported, and confident that you made the right parenting choices that day.  

It is possible!
The parents that we support (we included) are
living proof that with a few simple shifts,
you can change the way your family interacts forever.

In addition to our free parent training…

Our Make it Stick Parenting Course & Community provides parents,
no matter their budget, with practical strategies and support to help
your child grow, develop and thrive.

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Get started today for less than having pizza delivered

Learn at your own pace

  • Online access to 42 training videos
  • Watch as many times as you need to
  • On-the-go mobile app allows you to learn anywhere and anytime

From research to reality 

  • Scientifically-proven modules and journals to keep you moving forward
  • Scripts with precisely what to say during moments of big emotions
  • Print-outs to place on the fridge, so you’ll have them when you need them

Transformations don’t need a lot of time

  • See changes in your family with just 10 minutes a day
  • Listen on walks, while doing the laundry, or whenever you have a couple of minutes
  • Better understand your child and cultivate more compassion and empathy

You’re not doing this alone 

  • Get access to private online community
  • Make friends with parents who understand what you’re experiencing
  • Receive advice when you need it. Elizabeth and Rebecca are in there, too!

Receive advice when you need it

  • Get 4 quarterly group coaching calls
  • Ask your questions for Elizabeth & Rebecca in real-time

Full of simple-to-use resources

"I highly recommend taking the course if you are looking for strategies that you can embed into your everyday life for yourself and your children. The course can be done in short chunks and taken at your own pace, but I promise you'll want to keep listening because Elizabeth and Rebecca have so much knowledge and even share tips that work for them."


Stay Calm and Confident
While You Manage Difficult Situations,
such as...

  • Meltdowns
  • Resistance to participate
  • Anxious thoughts
  • Back talk
  • Lack of engagement
  • Refusal to do chores
  • Confusion with schoolwork
  • Sibling and family conflicts
  • Sensory overwhelm
  • Big emotions
  • Misinterpretations
  • Communication breakdowns

What separates us from other parenting programs? 


  • Our course is specifically designed for children with anxieties, sensitivities,
    big emotions or other complex needs.

  • Our strategies are based-on data from the top researchers and experts in the social-emotional and executive functioning field.
    We pulled from our own research and other top experts in the field. 

"In watching the first module, I was really struck by how this work can benefit my relationship with “the other child”—the non–special needs child—who so often feels second best. Being intentional in our interactions with that child, giving my daughter my full, undivided attention is actually quite hard most of the time. Love, love love the parenting journal—mine is already scribbled in. Also really loved the way the process walks us through self care, step by step."


Learn from two world-renowned and
highly sought after presenters and parenting trainers.

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Concerned that you won’t be able to stick to the course?
That it won’t work for your family?

No need to worry!  

If you don’t see a complete transformation in your family within the first 30 days, we will refund your tuition 100%. Just send us an email.

No hoops, and we’ll still all be friends.  

There is absolutely NO risk in taking a peek inside.
You’ll be so glad you did!

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