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Rev-Up Your Child's Executive Functions for a Successful School Year

After a very long summertime and rest because of this pandemic, the transition back to school is overwhelming! Especially for children with ADHD.

In this hour-long webinar, learn practical ways to get your child’s brain back in “school mode” so they are ready for a successful school year, no matter how that looks.

Full PreFrontal with Sucheta Kamath

Making and keeping friends while struggling with Covid-19 social etiquette is a challenge we are facing these days. Being in our homes most of the hours of the day and finding meaning in isolation. It is really a challenge to connect with others!

In this podcast - Full PreFrontal hosted by Sucheta Kamath, I discuss how listening, communication, and relationship skills build better friendships.

Making After-School Cool Podcast

This year's school is way different because of the distance learning. How's your child? How's the transition?
In this episode of Making Afterschool Cool Podcast, it focuses on strategies to address challenges on emotional/sensory regulation and executive functioning. Not just that, but the tendency of students with Executive Function Disorder being misdiagnosed as negligent or lazy will also be discussed.

How to Make Social & Emotional Learning Stick with Penny Williams

Children with ADHD and/or autism often have lagging skills in the areas of social skills and emotional intelligence and regulation. These lagging skills can lead to challenges with social interactions and relationships, listening, communication, appropriate communication of feelings, transitions, flexibility, willingness to try new things, behavior, and so much more.

In this episode of the Parenting ADHD Podcast, Penny Williams and I talk about the importance of social and emotional learning for our kids and activities to help them grow!

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