Make it Stick 12 Month (UNDATED) Social-Emotional Calendar

Get this theme-based calendar with 365 ideas, tools and activities to be mindful and hold intention with your daily interactions with your child to help them listen, cope, care about others and engage socially so that they can develop critical social and emotional skills for friendship, school, and life.


  • 365 days of fun and easy ideas to inspire you to build your child’s ability to cope, connect and thrive.
  • These strategies will provide you with confidence to help your feel great about your parenting at the end of each day.
  • Watch your child grow and develop one day at a time.

Each month has its own theme, which include: 

-Setting Intensions/Goals;

-Anti-racism and Diversity;

-Compassion and Kindness;

-Connection and Bonding;


-Fun and Celebration;

-Self-Care/Sensory and Body Breaks;


-Growth Mindset;



-Giving and Receiving

Once purchased, you will be emailed the calendar to download and print.

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