Make It Stick Parenting Program

The support you need to feel good—or even great—as a parent!

Make It Stick Parenting & Program

The support you need to feel good—or even great—as a parent!

Stop the frustration and overwhelm that comes when your child’s behavior makes you question your parenting capabilities.

We know, you are tired of the outbursts. Tired of the anxiety or fear. Tired of wondering what to do.

While there’s not just one trick, tip or strategy that fixes it all and works for everyone all of the time...the good news is, there is a clear path!

The Make It Stick Parenting Course & Community gets you on that path with a proven method in one easy-to-follow system. 

Move to calm and confident, once and for all.

To understand how the Make It Stick Parenting Course & Community can support your family, watch the video below:


How does it work?

The coursework for the Make It Stick Parenting Course & Community is completely online. You have 24/7 access and you can learn at your own pace.
This allows the course to fit around your schedule.
It’s divided into small (but impactful) modules,
so you can easily stick with the program and retain what you learned.

  • Immediate online access to 42 self-paced training videos
  • 8 in-depth training modules covering everything from self-care to regulating emotions
  • Modules are in easy-to-watch 10-20 minute segments that get immediate results
  • Parenting Guidebook with over 20+ downloadable tools, so you’re prepared for whatever occurs. 
  • Extra Sticky Strategy Journal - to build in brain-based strategies you and your child can use
  • WISE Parenting in Your Pocket meditations to help you reset back to a calm state
  • Interviews and lessons from multiple leading experts 
  • 1 year access so you can revisit training videos, when needed
  • Additional empathetic support from private online parent community 
  • 4 group coaching calls with Elizabeth and Rebecca for all your hard questions
  • Convenient mobile App for on-the-go learning
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The “Make It Stick” Parenting Course allows parents to learn anywhere, on any budget, how to have a happy and healthy family.

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Get results after just one module!

What we'll learn together....

Module # 1
Four Critical Ingredients for Parenting: Make your Child’s Social/Emotional and Executive Functioning Skills Stick 
  • Learn how to embed and track self-care in your day, even when it seems you don’t have time and are constantly back-burning yourself.
Module # 2
Getting Out of the Google Rabbit Hole: Understanding your Child’s Strengths and Weaknesses in Everyday Language
  • Identify your child’s areas of strengths and weaknesses and reframe their areas of challenges into positives that help them grow.
  • Gain clarity and confidence for what is going on and how you can provide support.
Module # 3
If you Can’t Reach ‘Em, You Can’t Teach ‘Em: Laying the Foundation for Learning
  • Understand your child, their biological needs and set-up your home to maximize your child’s learning and success.
Module # 4
Bonding and Co-Regulation: Three Critical Components to Manage Stressful Parenting Moments AND Teach Your Child Social-Emotional Regulation 
  • Have scripts at the ready to use when your child is having a meltdown or withdrawing. 
  • Connect and enjoy your child instead of barking, yelling, or feeling overwhelmed
Module # 5
Bridging: The Importance of Modeling, Mirroring, Priming, and Predictability 
  • Create routines that actually work without you having to nag your children 
  • Get a plan for the sensitive or anxious child that prevents meltdowns or withdrawal from occurring in the first place. 
Module # 6
Mindfulness is Not a Spectator Sport: Mindful Parent + Mindful Child = Foundation for Social Emotional Growth 
  • Learn brain-based, “in the moment” strategies to support your child and yourself that costs $0.
Module # 7
Making Abstract More Concrete: Making Social-Emotional Learning Simple and Understandable for Your Child
  • Simple strategies to make these complex skills stick so that you can stop nagging and feel more connected with your child.
  • Help your child navigate social situations with ease.
  • Help your child break down tasks so they are manageable and not overwhelming.
Module # 8
Embracing Teachable Moments: How to Nurture Social Emotional Learning and Executive Functioning through Everyday Activities 
  • Learn how to sprinkle things in your day, without extra fuss or stress or highly specialized strategies.
  • Teach these skills while cooking, running errands or reading together.

You also get
The Make it Stick Parenting Guidebook

with over 20+ downloadable tools. so

You can apply these research-based
parenting strategies in the moment.


Cultivating Mindfulness and Self-Care for YOU!

  • Super Glue Tool:  The WISE journal

  • Extra Adhesive:  Resources to cultivate mindfulness

  • Stick It to Your Fridge Reminder!

  • Pathway for Success

Getting Out of the Google Rabbit Hole and Clearing the Fog of Confusion

  • Super Glue Tool: Strengths and Areas of Need Inventory

  • Extra Adhesive:  Approved rabbit holes

  • Extra Adhesive: Milestones for social, emotional and executive functioning

  • Stick it To your Fridge Reminder!

Getting the brain online!

  • Super Glue Tool:  One week internal needs and sensory detective tools

  • Super Glue Tool: SOS tool for a friendly, comfortable home

  • Extra Adhesive: boosting biological needs

  • Stick It to Your Fridge Reminder!

Boosting bonding and co-regulation

  • Super Glue Tool:  Pitfalls, ladders, and bridges

  • Extra Adhesive Tool:  Scripts to use before, during and after big emotions

  • Extra Adhesive Tool: reconnect and reboot: 4 steps

  • Stick It to Your Fridge Reminder!

Modeling, Mirroring, Priming and Predictability

  • Super Glue Tool: Priming your child for an event/outing

  • Extra Adhesive: Building out effective routines and schedules

  • Stick It to Your Fridge Reminder!

Mindfulness activities for your children

  • Super Glue Tool:  Helping your child to be present with mindfulness

  • Extra Adhesive:  Resources to teach your child mindfulness

  • Extra Adhesive: Strategy to STOP and pause before reacting

  • Extra Adhesive: Mindful vs. MindFull Stick It To your Fridge Reminder!

Making the abstract more concrete

  • Extra adhesive: Feelings chart

  • Extra Adhesive: Thought bubble for daily perspective taking

  • Extra Adhesive: Taming the procrastination monster

  • Stick it to Your Fridge Reminder!


  • Extra Sticky Strategy Journal With one section for you and one for your child, so you can work to build in brain-based strategies you’ll both actually use, and for supplying them with the support they need. (value: $47)
  • WISE Parenting in Your Pocket Audiofiles 4 parenting meditation bonuses so you can find your calm, even when you’re struggling. (value: $19)
  • Interviews and lessons from leading expert contributors: Including advice and strategies from Leah Kuypers (Zones of Regulation), Michelle Garcia-Winner (Social Thinking), Sarah Ward (Executive Functioning), Kelly Mahler (Sensory Processing), Kristen Baisden (Positive Parenting) and more! (value: priceless)


The “Make It Stick” Parenting Course gives you the tools you need, on any budget, to transform your family today.

Enroll Now & Get Solutions

Put an end to yelling, nagging and negotiating

How Will I be Supported?

We know the struggles of parenting can often feel like you’re alone. When you enroll with us, you will receive all the support you need. Although, you’re doing the course by yourself, it doesn’t mean we won’t be right there leading you along the way!

Access to Private Members-Only Parenting Group (not on Facebook) 

Ask any questions that come up for you about the course or a particular situation you’re experiencing. Parents can share advice in a safe space without judgment, knowing everyone is going through similar situations. Elizabeth and Rebecca will be on-hand to answer questions, too!

Parenting Success Coaching Calls

Get answers to your personal questions from the experts themselves! Sessions with them cost hundreds of dollars, but in this system, they are on the call with you to provide solutions in real time. Calls are scheduled quarterly to keep you on track and moving forward in the right direction.

Customer Care Team 

We are here for you! If you have any issues with your account or technical issues, email us for a quick response and solution.

Will it work for me and my family?

Perhaps you recall starting to use a tool or strategy, only to drop it when your child no longer responded to it, or you didn’t have the energy to follow through with it. 

We get it. We’re parents, too! 

Those were tools without a system. They’re like a band-aid when you’re looking for a remedy. 

The Make It Stick Parenting Course & Community provides both the immediate quick-fix and the longer solution. This complete system grows with your child. As their challenges change, you can continue to apply the same method over and over again and still get results. 

We’ve helped thousands of parents who felt desperate, helpless, and tired. Parents, just like you, who wanted to be the best parents they could be, but at the end of the day, felt like failures. 

We could tell you more about how we changed all that for them, but it’s better if you hear it from the parents themselves...

Not only is it enjoyable to listen to/watch/engage with two fun, personable, non judgemental professionals (who are also moms), they have woven together the best of the best evidence-based advice from the most reputable sources. They assist with piecing together the parenting puzzle with grace, humor and love in an organized and nicely paced manner.


I am excited and feel empowered to have gained methods to develop a better understanding of social learning. My perception and understanding of social and emotional learning has been positively enhanced. This will carry over to my relationship with my kids, and particularly my 11 year old - who struggles socially."


Elizabeth and Rebecca are incredible!  They took so many sound and valuable resources that I have heard about, read or seen over the years and streamlined it together in this course.  It was like a huge melting pot of strategies and research-based information about how the brain works and how people learn and organized it in a systemized, bite size ways to make it simple to absorb.  The journal is practical and needed.  It’s a reminder that we need to slow down and do this for ourselves.  This is just what everyone needs, so thank you!"


Thank you for putting together a very timely and well-thought out parenting course. With the constant distractions and demands of modern living, it is easy to get into auto-pilot mode for parenting with heavy focus on getting things done and stay there till social-emotional issues and challenges start showing up. This course helped me pause, analyze, reflect and arm myself with simple everyday WISE strategies that I can add to my daily/weekly routine to improve the quality of my interactions with my tween and my teen. I feel confident this will elevate the energy of the house and help reduce conflicts. Thank you for taking the time to do this."


Enroll Now and Join the Many Happy Parents

Experience a priceless sense of calm in no time at all

The Make it Stick Parenting Course & Community

Take the first step from "on the fly" parenting to a proven pathway to support your child's emotional growth, so you can go back to enjoying life with your child.

LEVEL ONE: The Course & Community

  • 8 online easy-to-follow modules
  • 42 On-Demand Videos
  • The Make It Stick Parenting Guidebook with 20+ Downloads
  • Interactive Mobile App
  • 4 Quarterly Coaching Calls
  • Membership into Private Online Community
  • 1 Year Unlimited Access


  • BONUS: The Extra Sticky Strategy Journal
  • BONUS: WISE Parenting In Your Pocket Meditations
  • BONUS: Lessons from leading parenting experts

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