Help your child thrive socially & emotionally so they can focus, manage big feelings, and navigate social situations, without either of you getting derailed by frustration or overwhelm!

Make It Stick Parenting Program

A Proven System for Boosting Your Child's Emotional
and Executive Functioning Skills

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Raising a child—with, or without additional needs—has never been simple... and it’s not exactly getting any easier.

Are you tired of spending hours researching and wading through a flood of parenting strategies for just one useful tip, and then not even being able to use it?  

How about watching the parade of perfect smiling angel children on your social media feed, while you wonder why your child can hardly stay calm and focused long enough to finish breakfast?

Well, you’re not alone.

We’ve heard parents from all over say the same things, and ask the same questions:

"How do I encourage my child to be more independent and engaged, instead of always depending on me for reminders?"


"How do I help my son stay motivated and engaged, instead of checking out or blowing up?"


"What if my daughter becomes upset at her sister and can’t control her emotions?"


"What will I do if my son’s not able to transition back to school, and falls behind in class? It’s already been so hard with this initial separation."


"I just want to be a great parent, but I don’t know how.”

So, we want you to are a great parent.

Just being here is proof of that. You’re actively seeking a way to reduce the stress in your child’s life, and to help them identify and work past the struggles they’ll see in the future, so they can live a happy, fulfilling, successful life. 

 And we want to HELP you do it!

Together, we can cut through the parenting information overload with a mindful, brain-based system to make your child's social emotional learning really stick while improving their executive functions.

Does it Feel Like...
  • Your child has overly large reactions to emotional issues, either melting down over the tiniest of problems, or the exact opposite... withdrawing entirely, and refusing to come out of their room
  • You’re worried about your child’s ability to make friends, because they need so much improvement in their social skills, even before quarantine cancelled everything social.
  • You stay awake almost every night, anxious about whether you’re missing something important, or somehow failing your child.
  • You’re overwhelmed and confused with the endless rabbit hole of definitions, jargon, and competing parenting strategies out there.
  • The tools and courses you’ve tried that seem to work for other kids don't seem to "stick" with your child. The problems don’t go away… sometimes, they even get worse.

If you’re nodding your head right now, we have some very good news for you.

What if...
  • You could finally know what’s going on in your kid’s brain, so you could understand how they learn, what’s getting in the way, and how to get around it. 
  • There were dependable, tested, brain-based strategies that you could seamlessly integrate into your busy day, that would help your child with emotional and behavioral challenges thrive? 
  • You had access to proven tools that will help your child learn easily, love fully, and move through the world with more success and joy? 
  • You could see your child learning to manage big feelings and behaviors, while flourishing socially and academically?
Well, you can. Instead of reading all the parenting books, tracking down all the research-based programs, and struggling through a million different ideas to teach your child social-emotional skills ...
This is the only tool you need to support your kids' emotional intelligence.
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Now, you might be thinking to yourself “Uh, who is ‘we,’ exactly?”

Hi, I’m Elizabeth Sautter, and for more than 20 years, I’ve been helping children find their voices, both figuratively and literally. Since 1996 I’ve been many things: a speech and language pathologist/social cognitive specialist/coach, the Co-founder of Communication Works, author of the book Make Social Learning Stick… but my most fulfilling role has been as a mother. Before I had children, I thought that my personal and professional experience was going to equip me with all the tools and strategies needed to raise healthy, happy, well-adjusted children.

But, what I discovered was that when things got more tricky, the tools stopped working. My boys were pushing me away. It wasn’t until I took some time to reflect, and started practicing mindfulness that I began to understand the need for a stronger foundation for implementing the strategies I knew could work. I realized that I was coming from a place of fear and control and when I practice mindfulness and self compassion, I can approach parenting with intentionality, which in turn MAKES THE strategies STICK! I needed to bring together the knowledge that I had with that underlying philosophy.


Hi, I’m Dr. Rebecca Branstetter. When I graduated from UC Berkeley in 2004 I was lucky enough to already know what I wanted to do next. See, I’ve always been passionate about helping children, especially those with additional needs. And I’ve learned that in stressful times, a child will be protected if they are connected. So, to connect with as many students as I could, I became a school psychologist. 16 years later, I’m an author, teacher, and the founder of the Thriving School Psychologist Collective™, a training course and support system that enables hundreds of school psychologists across the country to serve thousands of families. 

I’ve made it my special mission to help thousands of additional needs and special needs families navigate the obstacles of emotional and behavioral learnings, equipping them with practical strategies that actually work


We’re not just friends (but we’re that, too).

Being able to geek out together about science, data, and our real-life experiences as parents has been transformational for both of us … as therapists, and as moms. Now, we’re elated to share what our research shows is effective, and how you can model it to your children to build their self-regulation, social communication, and executive functioning skills. 

We know this program can help you, and we are so pleased you’re here to learn about it.

The Make it Stick Parenting Course is a brain-based, holistic SYSTEM that’s easy to embed into your daily life, even if you’ve tried other programs with no success

Gain Confidence

Know what to do during challenging parenting moments (we call them “pitfall moments") so you can handle tough situations calmly and quickly.

Gain Awareness

Parent from a place of mindful awareness and knowledge, instead of confusion, anxiety, or frustration.

Gain Clarity

Understand what is going on with your child, what’s getting in the way of their success, and what you can do to help.

The Make it Stick Parenting Course

Move from "on the fly" parenting to a brain-based pathway proven to support your child's social emotional growth, so you can stop worrying that you're not doing it right, and start enjoying life with your child.

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Here’s what others are saying about

Make It Stick Parenting...

I feel like we are on the right path, with a different, fresh strength based perspective! We can't thank you enough. We learned so much and it was so practical. You are both so wise- knowledgeable and down to earth. Thank you for your passion to help families." 


I am excited and feel empowered to have gained methods to develop a better understanding of social learning. My perception and understanding of social and emotional learning has been positively enhanced. This will carry over to my relationship with my kids, and particularly my 11 year old - who struggles socially."


Elizabeth and Rebecca are incredible!  They took so many sound and valuable resources that I have heard about, read or seen over the years and streamlined it together in this course.  It was like a huge melting pot of strategies and research-based information about how the brain works and how people learn and organized it in a systemized, bite size ways to make it simple to absorb.  The journal is practical and needed.  It’s a reminder that we need to slow down and do this for ourselves.  This is just what everyone needs, so thank you!"


Thank you for putting together a very timely and well-thought out parenting course. With the constant distractions and demands of modern living, it is easy to get into auto-pilot mode for parenting with heavy focus on getting things done and stay there till social-emotional issues and challenges start showing up. This course helped me pause, analyze, reflect and arm myself with simple everyday WISE strategies that I can add to my daily/weekly routine to improve the quality of my interactions with my tween and my teen. I feel confident this will elevate the energy of the house and help reduce conflicts. Thank you for taking the time to do this."


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Stop struggling with disjointed piecemeal tips, tricks, and so-called “hacks” that are confusing, contradictory, or outright don’t work. 


The Make It Stick Parenting Course isn’t about taking a cookie-cutter approach to raising your child.

It’s about partnering to create a holistic system for YOUR unique situation—and your whole family—that you can easily use every day.

And, because every moment is a teachable moment, you’ll be able to use simple, everyday lessons to inspire confidence, independence, and understanding while you learn to appreciate your child’s special strengths. 

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What we'll learn together....

What's Included in the Make It Stick Parenting Course?

  • 8 core training modules to help you better understand your child, presented in bite sized segments. These short lessons are easy to take in, and are perfect for listening to on walks, while you’re doing chores, or whenever you have even a couple minutes free. (Value: $397)
  • One year access to your version of the program: You’ll be able to refer back to all of the modules and tools of the program itself, in addition to your notes and guidebook for a full year, so you can continue to adapt and apply the system to any relationship in your life.
  • The Make it Stick Parenting Guidebook with over 20+ downloadable tools so that you can know ahead of time how to apply these research-based parenting strategies in the moment.
  • Confidential Private Online Community Access to peer support, feedback, new ideas, and accountability through motivational collaboration contests and more, to keep you engaged as you work toward your personal parenting goals.



  • Extra Sticky Strategy Journal With one section for you and one for your child, so you can work to build in brain-based strategies you’ll both actually use, and for supplying them with the support they need. (value: $47)
  • WISE Parenting in Your Pocket Audiofiles 4 parenting meditation bonuses so you can find your calm, even when you’re struggling. (value: $19)
  • Interviews and lessons from leading expert contributors: Including advice and strategies from Leah Kuypers (Zones of Regulation), Michelle Garcia-Winner (Social Thinking), Sarah Ward (Executive Functioning), Kelly Mahler (Sensory Processing), Kristen Baisden (Positive Parenting) and more! (value: priceless)



  • 60 Days of Group Coaching with Elizabeth & Rebecca Get actionable, personalized advice, and plans for what’s happening in your life, in twice-monthly hour-long zoom sessions with additional community support. You’ll be able to use these sessions to learn from other parents in the same situations, ask questions, and get the extra push you need to make this change happen and fill your life with the joy you want.  (value: $1,800)


That’s a total value of over $2200, available now for as little as $397.


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  • The Make It Stick Parenting course, including one year access to 8 online easy-to-follow modules ($397)
  • The Make It Stick Guidebook
  • Membership into our Private Online Community


  • BONUS: The Extra Sticky Strategy Journal
  • BONUS: WISE Parenting In Your Pocket Audiofiles
  • BONUS: Additional lessons from leading parenting experts


$897 USD

  • The Make It Stick Parenting course, including one year access to 8 online easy-to-follow modules
  • The Make It Stick Guidebook
  • Membership into our Private Online Community


  • BONUS: The Extra Sticky Strategy Journal
  • BONUS: WISE Parenting In Your Pocket Audiofiles
  • BONUS: additional lessons from leading parenting experts


  • 60 Days of Group Coaching with Elizabeth & Rebecca, so you can work with others to find the right answers for you and keep moving forward. (2 one-hour Zoom calls per month) 


Would a payment plan make this easier?


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$67 $50.25 per month x 6



Payment Plan

$169 per month x 6



If for any reason, you are not thrilled with the content and the potential impact it will have on your parenting, we will refund your tuition 100% within the first 30 days. No hoops, and we’ll still all be friends. Just send us an email.


So, if you’re ready to start the next chapter in your parenting story, join us now. You’ll be so glad you did. 

See you inside!

As a mother of two children, one neurodiverse 10 year-old and one neurotypical 3 year old; I have read many, many parenting books, taken numerous parenting courses, been through professional support services in the public and private sector and so much counselling. To say that we feel we've "tried it all" would be an understatement! We have gained knowledge along the way and formed a good idea of our parenting philosophies but one major factor was missing: the application! This course helped me bridge the gap in so many ways. There were so many "aha" moments to make it stick! The supplemental resources were so helpful. I can't to recommend to other parents/caregivers."


Elizabeth and Rebecca are a wonderful combination of energy, expertise, passion, and keeping it real. They use all they've learned in their careers with children and in their roles as moms to create this comprehensive course that combines practically everything I've ever read about in my own work as an educator and as a mom of two highly sensitive children. I especially love their very tangible, user-friendly handouts that made putting my own self-care and the practical tools for kids into practice. I also love that they acknowledge the reality of the challenges of parenting through their own stories, while speaking to the teachable moments that they've used, and that I can use, to create powerful shifts in our interactions with our kids to make social learning stick! 

I would highly recommend this course to other parents and caregivers."


The Make It Stick Parenting course provided me with new information that I hadn’t received from other trainings on social emotional learning and executive functioning. It gave me hands-on takeaways that I could apply in my home immediately, including concrete tips on what to do in challenging moments, and how to better prevent them from happening in the first place.

It also offered a parent’s perspective and information on self-care that I hadn’t considered before, with materials to help me implement and prioritize a manageable self-care routine. Elizabeth Sautter and Rebecca Branstetter are a powerful team, and offer both personal and professional insights for a variety of age ranges. I’m grateful for the information I have learned!"


Learn how to build 8 brain-based strategies in your busy day to help your child with emotional and behavioral challenges thrive

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Commonly Asked Questions...

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