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Using Improv to Build Social Skills

“Play is the answer to the question, ‘how does anything new ever come about’?” ~Jean Piaget Maja Watkins, author of The Brain’s Playground:...

Fun, Celebration and Safety

June is here, and with it all the excitement of a wonderful summer! Day camps for the kids, your traditional family outings, and all the ice cream the neighborhood truck...

Seven Tips to Build Your Child’s Social Competence Through Everyday...

Have you ever been concerned about your child’s or student’s social abilities? Do they seem younger or more immature than other kids?  Maybe they...

Lessons to Learn from People with Autism

Because April is Autism Awareness Month, it’s an ideal time to build awareness and acceptance about autism. It’s also an opportunity to consider what those of...

Building Speech, Language and Social Skills on the Road

My family will be heading out on a week-long summer road trip in a few days. We’re going to the Grand Canyon and everyone is pretty excited. And now that my boys are...

Stuck Indoors? Use the Time to Build Social and Emotional Learning

The recent smoky conditions in the California Bay Area kept most of us indoors, creating long and sometimes stressful days for many families. We were forced to cope with a...

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